Tactical Weapons Training Advanced Tactical Pistol, Shotgun and Carbine Courses

Tactical Training Course Information

Flexible and Efficent. Our tactical carbine, shotgun and pistol training courses are offered on a modest range facility, that is easily configured for the specific tactical situations and CQC scenarios. We can also provide custom course configurations.

Tactical Carbine Training

Great projection of power, but a complex weapon to apply from battle zero to shooting position. Learn from pros that can not just do it, but can break it down into easily grasped fundamentals. Fundamentals that if mastered and maintained, can save your life.

Tactical Pistol Training

This is the weapon you will most likely have handy when it is time to save your life because trouble comes to call. Shooting just isn't enough. That you qualify well on the range does impress the bad guy. You need to know how to use the pistol in a fight. Huge difference.

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