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Sight Offset >>>
If the AR / Carbine format is your weapon of choice this article is a must read. Written by the staff of Man Alone Tactical, this article will provide a detailed understanding of "Sight Offset" and how it will improve your shooting.

Tactical Carbine Training

Great projection of power, but a complex weapon to apply from battle zero to shooting position. Learn from pros that can not just do it, but can break it down into easily grasped fundamentals. Fundamentals that if mastered and maintained, can save your life.

Tactical Pistol Training

This is the weapon you will most likely have handy when it is time to save your life because trouble comes to call. Shooting just isn′t enough. That you qualify well on the range does impress the bad guy. You need to know how to use the pistol in a fight. Huge difference.

Professional Tactical Training

Profesional Training - Beaufort SC ManAloneTactical Mobile Training for professional Law Enforcement/Military brings our training to your site. Why use a mobile service? What does that do for you? Savings. For about what you pay in room and board for your people to travel to train, we can bring what we do to you. Your people get to stay in place, at home and comfortable in case an emergency arises. Your vehicles, weapons, manpower and resources remain at your disposal. For you folks with small departments this is crucial. Your argument is that you are saving money by having a qualified instructor in house. We know some very fine on staff instructors and never want to take anything away form them, but there are proven advantages to bringing professionals in. First of all, there is a different look at the tactical situation and the application of tools for a solution, secondly, in the free enterprise system our exposure to new techniques is more frequent and our TTP’s can evolve more rapidly than a department training program. Sometimes, internal politics and cronyism prevent the training from being quite as effective as it should be.

Additionally, findings indicate that settlements for collateral damage are less when a department has conscientiously sought outside training and departments take fewer casualties in gunfights through outside professional instruction. These benefits alone are more than enough to offset the training costs.

" As a weapons and tactics instructor and former Marine, I was extremely excited when a former student of mine and now owner and head instructor of Man Alone Tactical gave me a call and invited me to come and observe his Tactical One Carbine Course. I was looking forward to sitting back, watching and listening to his approach to training. I was not disappointed. The lead instructor has not only a wealth of information of shooting, tactics and all the gear associated with both, but more importantly is very good at passing this knowledge along to a class. The class itself, while physically taxing, was made enjoyable and fun by the lead instructor through a series of well thought out drills and friendly competition. Every student in the class walked away a better and more confident shooter. I would not hesitate to recommend Man Alone Tactical to anyone seeking very good, very professional training. Whether you are looking for basic home defense, or more advanced training in tactical engagement, M.A.T is an outstanding choice. " >>> XX, former Blackwater Instructor

Many gun pros get set in their ways and continue to do things the way they always have, often to their detriment. We break down the fundamentals and make the transition to better weapon handling easier. We have found that we have a way of saying things that allows people to hear from us what they have failed to hear from others before. Perhaps it is because we are neither yelling nor intimidating. Anyone can show up and yell. Not everyone can motivate. We are not den mothers, but we also are not Drill Instructors. We are onsite to use our many skills to make your people better, period. We have an established track record for building speed and precision, one of course being useless without the other in a firefight.

We can help you, but you have to contact us first.

Tactical Carbine Training - Beaufort SC

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Mobile Onsite Training

We can bring you our Two Day Intensive Course in which you choose the weapon program and we put your people through the paces. We teach three weapons, pistol, battle rifle (AR-15) and shotgun. When we train on long guns, transitions are necessary so there will be pistol work as well. Our Five Day Intensive Course offers your personnel a rigorous work out and training session on pistol and the long gun of your department’s choice. You will work these weapons both together and separately.

"We go to great trouble to drive down and have a closed session on the range. His huge understanding that every action is made of a set of smaller actions all of which build into the final product is the key. Sometimes he′s not saying anything that we have not already heard, he just says it in such a way that it finally sticks, or is refreshed, and that is priceless. He didn′t cash our checks either." >>> ‘PE’, U.S. Army Special Forces, Fort Bragg

Professional Training - Man Alone Tactical

The focus is on the fight.

As you progress through our tactical courses you will learn battle tested techniques and procedures that produce increased accuracy under stress. We teach weapon handling and target engagement, shooting from cover and field positions, multiple targets, malfunction drills, and much more.

"Respectful, yet worthy of great respect I listen to every word from the MAT instructor. He knows far more than he lets on and doesn’t take you past your overload point, so you can get it, really get it. I want to say that his understanding and making sense to me of the mental confusion downrange has helped keep me alive." >>> ‘A’, Navy SEAL, Virginia Beach, Va.