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If the AR / Carbine format is your weapon of choice this article is a must read. Written by the staff of Man Alone Tactical, this artical will provide a detailed understanding of "Sight Offset" and how it will improve your shooting.

Tactical Carbine Training

Great projection of power, but a complex weapon to apply from battle zero to shooting position. Learn from pros that can not just do it, but can break it down into easily grasped fundamentals. Fundamentals that if mastered and maintained, can save your life.

Tactical Pistol Training

This is the weapon you will most likely have handy when it is time to save your life because trouble comes to call. Shooting just isn′t enough. That you qualify well on the range does impress the bad guy. You need to know how to use the pistol in a fight. Huge difference.

Special Events and Functions

The Mission Statement for ManAloneTactical defines us as a firearms, tactics and training firm. As such we are also advocates of the second amendment rights and encourage citizens to exercise those rights. To that end, we are available to host functions for corporate or other entities wishing to incorporate firearms into an event. Some folks are interested in using this time to contract out a course of instruction and we are happy to oblige. Others simply want a casual opportunity on the range and cursory operation and safe handling supervision. This too we can host and have found this to be not only a fine way for a business to reward high performing personnel, but it can also serve as a fine introduction to shooting.

Whether you would like an afternoon session or an intense two days from our Tactical Series, we can accommodate you. We have a wide inventory of weapons and of course you can supply your own. Some folks bring items and set up for a picnic, while some will prefer to have a catered event.

As with all things, our safety rules and range regulations have to apply. We are not going to stand by and see unsafe actions occurring. Contact us early in your planning. We only have a limited number of slots that we can dedicate to this.

Special Event: Mary Kay - Shoot for the Stars

Local May Kay independent representatives enjoyed an afternoon of fun, food and fellowship at the Man Alone Tactical (MAT) range. After covering all the safety aspects, the team-building event included target shooting with various handguns, with some experiencing the thrill of firing the AR15 carbine. MAT instructors where on hand to insure a safe day for everyone, and to help those with little weapons handling experience. For some, it will be a day they will talk about for quite some time.

Tactical Carbine Training - Beaufort SC

General Inquiries:  843.252.6180
Professional Inquiries:  843 597 9874    Email: ManAloneTactical@yahoo.com

Why Tactical Carbine?

Tactical Carbine shooting, is not target shooting!

Tactical shooting requires the ability to overcome stress, fatigue, equipment failure and environment. It requires that you develop an awareness of your surroundings, and quickly identify possible threats.

" In addition to being well trained, I feel like the cost of the instruction is relatively low and consider the training to be a value. I understand that I have more to learn and will continue to seek training opportunities with Man Alone Tactical." >>> Craig, South Carolina

The focus is on the fight.

You know the basics, how to shoot your weapon. We will teach you how to fight with it, and to use these tactics to dominate the fight.

As you progress through our tactical courses you will learn battle tested techniques and procedures that produce increased accuracy when under stress. As you advance, you will begin to bridge the gap between basic rifle skills and advanced weapon training. We teach advanced weapons handling and target assessment, shooting from cover and while moving, multiple threats, malfunction drills, and much more.

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